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Antelope Group Consulting

Antelope Group Consulting is

an unique and experienced I.T. Consulting service provider, with deep skills and extensive experiences in application and system developemnt using Lotus and IBM technologies.

In today's complex organizations, to realize the benefits of your investment in expensive I.T. Infrastructure, you need to build sophisticated and tailored solutions that take advantage of your existing I.T. Environment, and fits your business processes. To ensure rapid and effective implementation and deployment of these solutions, the best ways is to engage Antelope Group Consulting.

Antelope Group Consulting is a unique Toronto-based consulting company that brings both deep technical skills and extensive consulting experiences to your projects.

At Antelope Group Consulting we understand that your needs are as unique as you. You need tailored solutions that solves your business problem - tailored solutions that feel right, look right, and are custom-fit to your organization and your users, and we always put our focus on your return on investment.

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Antelope Group Consulting is:

bullet Specialized in Application Development.

bullet Deeply skilled in IBM Websphere (J2EE), and Lotus Domino and Notes technologies.

bullet located in Toronto, Ontario, and provide services across Canada and U.S.

bullet a small consulting company that often collaborate with the client's IT orgainizations.