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Skills and Experiences

By providing highly skilled technical consultant, Antelope Group Consulting can help you unearth the full potentials of your technology investments, obtain quick and high-impact results and ensure the success of your technology initiatives.

Antelope Group Consultants are skilled in the following technologies..

>Lotus Domino & Lotus Notes

>Java, Java Servlets, JavaBeans, Enterprise Java Beans

>Websphere Application Server

>Aptrix (IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management/ILWWCM)




  • >VAJ (Visual Age for Java)/WebSphere Studio/Site Developer

  • >Lotus Formula Language

  • >JavaScript

  • >Lotus Workflow

  • >JSP

  • >Lotus Quickplace

  • >JDBC

  • >Lotus Sametime

  • >HTML
  • >Websphere Portal Server

  • >Lotus Connectors

  • >Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI)

  • >DB/2

  • >Lotus Extended Search

  • >Relational Database

  • >Windows

  • >SQL

  • >AIX

  • >Rexx

  • >ODBC

  • >Lisp

  • >Microsoft Access

  • >MySQL

  • >C, C++

  • >Php


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Skill Highlights:

bullet leading expert in IBM Lotus Workplace Content Management (ILWWCM)

bullet more than 11 years of experience in consulting and application developments in Lotus and IBM Technologies.

bullet expert in Lotus Domino and Notes, as well as J2EE development with Websphere Application Server.